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SMM must know


Social Media Marketing is an essential part of any business nowadays. By creating a social media presence for your company, you make it more visible to your clients while creating a soul for your brand.

To help put things into perspective, here are a number of benefits of SMM:

Social media posts drive targeted traffic.Social media can increase your reach via quoted experts.Social media marketing helps you understand your audience.An active social media presence builds relationships with your audience.A strong social media presence builds brand loyalty.Social media is the perfect addition to your PR strategyWhen it comes to newsjacking, social media is king.You can find potential customers who don’t already know your brandSocial media marketing establishes you as an authority in your industry.

But today we are not only here to talk about SMM benefits, but also talk about SMM must-knows.

Your buyer persona matters.

This means you share only information that will be relevant to your clientele. You do not have the liberty of posting jokes from 9gag when your clientele wants information that is solely oriented to what you are offering them If you are working in the fashion industry your posts should be based on fashion. Alcohol industry? Give them recipes of some amazing cocktails and so on



Each media is different, each media requires a specific type of content.

For instance, Facebook is great for B2C small or medium-sized businesses. Here you don’t necessarily need to be too formal.

Instagram. This is a social networking platform that is very image-driven. It is suitable for businesses that deal with lifestyle, travel, food, beverage, and home improvement products or services just to mention a few. This platform offers very little when it comes to conversion-based marketing activities. It’s mainly used for branding and influencer marketing.

Linked In, on the other hand, is a professional social networking website. Its timeline is pretty similar to Facebook. It is very strong when it comes to B2B marketing or B2Cs targeting business professionals.

We also have YouTube. YouTube is also considered a social media platform because of the user-generated content and engagement opportunities it offers you. Video content is gradually turning out to be the future of digital marketing.



You should always have a bigger picture in mind when it comes to social media. You need to set goals and determine which tools you can use in order to succeed.

2. Community management

It does not matter which industry you are working in. It is always good to communicate with your followers. You need to reply to comments and messages, monitor tweets and other sources, and to be able to deal with upset clients if you have any.

3. Understand the content

You should understand the type of content which would work best for you. This also means understanding which content type is relevant to your niche and the type of media it fits in best.

4. Optimization and Analytical skills

First of all, you need to know how to utilize SEO tools. It will play a big role in helping you develop your content and getting followers and clients.

Another important aspect is knowing how to interpret the statistics you collect from your pages. Even if you do not use sponsored advertising you are able to understand who is actually checking your pages and which content is best-suited to your business. It will help you to correct your strategy if need be.

5. Creativity

Your content cannot be flat at all costs. Think out of the box, experiment; that is the only way to succeed.

6. Writing skills

Yes, nowadays, the visually better content wins, but a good visual is nothing without a great headline or without an engaging introduction. In addition, there are a lot of smart and successful people who continue to read. Maybe they are your potential clients.


Content is an essential part of SMM. Content is almost your everything. You should know what to post in order to engage the audience and what is relevant to them. Experience will help you get better at this. The golden point here is trying to be creative while staying within the frames of your niche. Here are some content ideas in case if you having a problem thinking of some.

User-Generated Content, Podcasts, Livestreams, InfographicsVR ContentWebinarsClient TestimonialsEBooksGuides

To sum it up.

SMM is a must have for any brand and the more professional your SMM team, the better. It is essential to use the right medium and content for your brand. SMM is a 365 days a year project that you should always develop by yourself in order to stay up to date and be able to generate engaging and effective content.

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