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SEX in Ads

Creating successful marketing campaigns is essential in modern business. Ads are a great way to do this. There are many different types of advert – billboard, magazine, TV and digital to name a few. In recent years, we have witnessed a new type of advert emerging – one that contains sexual content. Marketing teams continue to push boundaries and use sex as a viable means of promotion.

The fact is, sex sells! Conversion rates for adverts containing innuendos or outright raunchy scenes are always higher. In the below, we look at why we are obsessed with “getting it on”, and how you too can make successful adverts using this theme.

Why are humans attracted to sexualized adverts

So why do we secretly love seeing sexualized adverts? Why it attracts our eyes and moreover increases the attractiveness of a brand?

There are genuine reasons as to why this form of advertising is effective:

Sex is ingrained into our very being

The most basic reasoning is that approval of sex is ingrained into our brains. It is part of our natural instinct! (Men will clap their hands reading this!). We see something raunchy, and our brain automatically thinks… wow, this is good!

Sex in ads also plays on our confidence and self-belief. A prime example is the Lynx deodorant adverts. These adverts show men in various situations – the deodorant gives them almost superhuman powers and they can attract the attention of females. This is an over-the-top situation, but it works! There have been reports of young men who believe these adverts are true!

Examples of successful sexualized marketing campaigns

If you need more proof that sex sells, these notable businesses have all created hot adverts in the past:

Abercrombie & Fitch

Victoria’s Secret

– Dolce & Gabbana

– Armani

Old Spice

There are countless more examples. Just look at adverts for such things as lingerie or sexually related products. Companies certainly aren’t afraid to push the boundaries!

How can you as a business use sex to your advantage?

Now we know why sex is an effective tool, how can you use it to your own advantage? The following are two of the main ways that you can use sex in your marketing and adverts:

Overt sex to give the shock factor

Sex can be used to shock viewers and grab their attention. The overt use of sex within adverts can achieve this. Durex, for example, has recently created a series of raunchy adverts that boldly promote the products they sell. Diesel, on the other hand, had an advert featuring a couple embraced in a sexual position – the tagline was, “sex sells, unfortunately, we sell jeans”. If you really want to make an impact, don’t shy away from the subject of sex in your adverts!

Subtle sexual innuendos

If blatant displays of lust and romance are not your style, why not use sexual innuendos? Sex can be used in a subtle way – it can be suggested at hinted at. This type of advert is clever and sets out imagination thinking. It also creates excitement and allows our mind to. As an example, we can look at Durex. They created a simple advert that used sex in a subtle way. Two pictures – a baby carrier prices at $217, and a pack of condoms priced at $2.50 – the message is clear and the advert was highly effective.

Don’t be afraid to use sex in your adverts! It really can take your marketing to the next level. Always remember to consider your audience however and who may see your ADS. Sexualized content that will be viewed by children is obviously not a good idea. Furthermore, the older generation may find raunchy ads offensive!

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