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Magnet Words for a Landing Page – How to sell, or how to fail

When creating web content, there are many tricks you can use to improve CTR (Click Through Rate). For example, you can include a call to action – this prompts customers to do something and explore your site further. Using the correct magnet words and phrases is another example. This may seem basic, but words are extremely powerful. If you use the right words, you can sell your products and services effectively.

This especially holds true on a landing page. A landing page is the first thing a customer will see when opening a website URL. The wording used here, therefore, is so important. What keywords you include, and the phrases you use could influence how your customers progress from this point onward. To that end, you must get it right first time and do your research! In the below text, we look at how to sell, or how to fail when using words for a landing page:

Avoid making these common mistakes when choosing magnet words

First, we look at the mistakes businesses often make. Below is four common mistakes that are made. These mistakes will reduce the overall effectiveness of your landing page and CTR rates:

Don’t concentrate on one type of word or phrase exclusively

Your landing page text should ideally be varied. Some businesses use only long tail or short tail keywords – this can limit their effectiveness. Consider using a mix of both types i.e. specific keywords to your business, and generic keywords to attract a wider audience.

Underestimating competition

Failing to analyze your competition can have repercussions. Looking at the words and phrase your competitors are using can give fantastic insight. Look at what other businesses are doing. Which phrases are effective that they use? Are there any words that seem to yield a poor result? Never underestimate the importance of your competition.

Choosing words that have no relevance to your customers

A landing page must contain words that are relevant to your business. A car dealer such as Seat, for example, wouldn’t use phrases relating to motorbikes or boats. They would use specific language relating to cars and their own products. If your words are relevant, your customers will have a greater understanding of your business and thus be more likely to click through.

Failing to localize your magnet word selection

To build on the above point, your word selection must also be localized. By localized, we mean specific to your physical location, or target region. Some businesses simply use generic wording that isn’t targeted. This may attract a wider audience, but it will also yield fewer results. For example, a business based in Nottinghamshire, the UK using keywords such as “garden tool supplies” could attract customer from the whole country. If they used words such as, “garden tool supplies in Nottinghamshire” however, their CTR would increase as the words used are localized to their physical store.

Secondly, we can look at the things you could be doing to improve your CTR. There are certain tricks that can increase the effectiveness of your landing pages:

Research words and phrases beforehand to maximize potential

Research is paramount! This is the most important thing you can do. Without research, you are stepping into the unknown. Research what keywords are effective. Which historically give higher CTR rates. Are there particular words in your area of business that consistently perform well? Gain as much insight as possible so that your choice of words is effective.

Using straightforward and simplistic language Customers do not want to spend hours reading complicated text. Whatever words you choose, ensure the language used is short and simple. Your sentences should be less than 20 words and contain limited technical jargon.

Use magnet words that are emotionally engaging

Although simplistic language is beneficial, also consider using emotive language. Emotive language can create a psychological reaction from your customers. They will become invested and therefore be more likely to take action.

Consider creating a sense of urgency in your wording

Creating limitations or urgency is another fantastic tactic for a landing page. Something such as, “Click here now to check out our 25% off limited time offer on summer clothes”. This creates a sense of urgency – it is another psychological trick that can improve the CTR of your landing page.

A landing page is an important tool. As it is the first thing customer will see, it must be carefully crafted! You must do research, think about your words, and create something that will boost your CTR rate.

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